Dr Karen Whittingham, PhD, M.Management

Organisational Psychologist: Executive Coach, Trainer, Speaker, MC

Hi, I'm Dr Karen Whittingham. I spend my time helping Executives and Managers get the life they want, build the people around them and get the projects that will help them live fulfilled lives.

I confess to being a little bit of a geek. I have an interest in developing apps for neurodiverse individuals, especially synesthetes, having astronomy and photography as a hobby and outback travel as a passion. I am a Matildas and Southern Stars fan too.


About Me

Hello, I am Dr Karen Whittingham, Organisational Psychologist, Executive Coach and Speaker.

Hi, I'm Dr Karen Whittingham. I spend my time helping Executives and Managers get the life they want, build the people around them and the get the projects that will help them live fulfilled lives.

Basic information

Personal Details

website: www.impactpsychology.com.au

Location: Sydney, Australia

Email: Karen@impactpsychology.com.au 


I'm Good At...

Coaching and Assessment 

I have coached over 500 executives across all major Australian industries and job specialisations. I also teach managers and student psychologists how to coach executives and managers as well as supervise emerging Psychologists.

I have assessed over 500  managers for development and recruitment.  I am accredited in many cognitive and personality assessments (such as Hogan's and MSCEIT and MBTI). I am an accredited GENOS EI practitioner.

Training and Development

I have been training managers for over 20 years across a range of development areas including, performance management, teamwork, conflict resolution, innovation and personal development.

Currently I train over 300 managers and executives Australia Wide annually in both the private and public sectors for Liquid Learning. I teach undergraduate and post graduate courses on Organisational Psychology at UNSW. 

Speaking and Conference Lead

I have spoken at over 30 leadership conferences on unconscious bias, resilience, innovation and productivity.

I have also spoken at MONA and at the MCA during Vivid on the topic of Perception and Synesthesia. 

I have been the M.C. for many leadership conferences for Liquid Learning across  Australia, specialising in Womens leadership. 

I have also been the MC for many STEM and Vocational Education conferences

Facilitation and Performance

I work with teams to build great business plans, new products and harness their creativity. HR practitioners  call me in to work with underperforming teams to reset their values, align their behaviours and develop achievable business plans. 

I help Executives develop team management strategies to drive high performance and exceed expectations.

I specialise in assisting managers develop and communicate stretch KPI's 

MY skill Areas

Technical Skills

Personality and Assessment

Cognitive Assessment

Positive Strengths Psychology

Research and Analysis

Decisions, Bias and Creativity

Figures and Finance

Technology and Disruption

Sales and Marketing

Strategy and Systems

Innovation and Start-ups


My Studies

2006 - 2010

PhD, Neuroscience

School pf Psychology, University of Sydney / Sydney

I obtained my PhD from the University of Sydney, where I studied Visual Neuroscience in Professor Colin Clifford's Color, Form and Motion lab. In 2011, I also undertook a postdoc with Dr Damian Birney at the Accelerated Learning Lab in AGSM, UNSW, coaching executives and researching leadership, management, innovation and creativity.


Masters in Management

Macquarie Graduate School of Management / Macquarie University/ Sydney

A shorter degree within the MBA program at Macquarie University. I placed 1st in 2 subjects, with a 97% in Law.


M.Litt; B.A.

University of New England / Armidale

Macquarie University/ Sydney

My undergrad studies were in the School of Psychology at Macquarie University and my first Masters in the School of Psychology at the University of New England.

Professional Associations

Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS)

Member APS College of Organisational Psychologists (COP)

let's get in touch

Contact Details

I can usually respond within 24 hours. Often I am in a full training day with a client so please feel free to text me for an immediate response. 

Phone number

0412 342 098

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