9 Principles for Managers and Executives to help you Peak at your Prime 

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Discover How to POWER your Productivity!

Backed by Neuroscience I show you the 9 most important ways to hack your productivity at work. If you want to be more effective, get promoted and influence more people then this e-book is for you!


What They Say about the Book

“This was so helpful. I have implemented some of the tips and I am already seeing the results.”

Velvet D

“I saw Karen speak at a conference about this topic she really knows her stuff”

David K


What’s Inside the Book?

Why managing your time is the wrong approach?

If you're trying to manage your time, you are making the worst mistake of all. 

I show you how to manage the one thing that is more important than time!

In chapter 1 I tell you what it is and show you why - according to neuroscience.

Dealing with Procrastination

Learn how people sacrifice effectiveness for efficiency and why that's the main problem that you need to overcome. 

Do you think that procrastinating is the worst? Well Neuroscience doesn't !

Find out how to make procrastination help you and not get a hold of you. 

Executive Efficiency

Ready to discover the thinking shortcuts used by the best executives?

Learn the 4 most effective chunking and memorization strategies that take the mental strain out of your work.

Staying productive for the long haul

Ready to discover how to stay in prime productive peak ?

In the final chapter 3 we’ll cover the 5 “DEEMS”  that will allow you to do exactly that.

About the Author

Dr Karen Whittingham

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Backed by Neuroscience



9 Principles for Managers and Executives to help you Peak at your Prime